6 Reasons to Choose Hyundai

Discover the exceptional value, productivity, and safety of the Hyundai 900 series wheel loader. With advanced features, fixed maintenance costs, and a comprehensive warranty, it's the smartest investment for your fleet. Contact Porter Equipment to revolutionize your operations today.


6 Reasons to Choose Hyundai

Discover the Hyundai 900 Series Wheel Loader: The Smartest Investment for Your Fleet

If you're looking for a good reason NOT to buy a Hyundai 900 series wheel loader, then this post probably isn't for you. However, if you're interested in exceptional value, productivity, safety, and more, read on to discover why the Hyundai 900 series loader is the ultimate addition to your fleet.

Capital Outlay

Think premium quality must come with a premium price tag? The Hyundai 900 series will seriously surprise you. Despite its world-leading engineering and cutting-edge technology, this loader offers exceptional value. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment that promises high returns for any fleet.


Renowned for their hydraulic power and large bucket capacities, Hyundai loaders consistently outperform their global competitors in the same class. But don't just take our word for it—measure it yourself with the onboard load weigh system included from the factory in every 900 series loader. Experience firsthand the enhanced productivity and efficiency that comes with Hyundai's advanced technology.


Safety should never be an afterthought, and with the 900 series, it isn't. This loader sets a new standard with advanced safety features included as standard, not as costly add-ons. Features like 360-degree Around View Monitoring and Intelligent Moving Object Detection ensure that Hyundai prioritises your safety without any extra cost.

Maintenance Costs

Unexpected expenses can be a significant concern in fleet management. Hyundai and Porter Equipment address this worry by offering fixed maintenance costs, providing transparency and peace of mind throughout the loader's lifespan. With no hidden fees, you can focus on your operations, knowing your maintenance costs are under control.


Our warranty speaks for itself. The Hyundai 900 series comes with a comprehensive 48-month, 8000-hour, bumper-to-bumper warranty. We stand behind our equipment, and in the rare event of a component failure within the warranty period, we replace it free of charge. This durability ensures that your investment is protected long-term.

Residual Value

When it comes to resale value, some might doubt Hyundai's potential. However, with Porter Equipment's guaranteed trade-back values at various exit points, we ensure you get the most out of your investment. This assurance means you can plan your fleet's future with confidence, knowing that your loader's value is secure.

Considering the peace of mind, cost reductions, and superior performance offered by the Hyundai 900 series loader, can you afford not to consider this solution for your production fleet? It’s more than just a machine; it’s a smart investment that enhances your operational efficiency and profitability.

Ready to revolutionize your fleet? Contact Porter Equipment today to learn more about the Hyundai 900 series loader. Discover how this remarkable machine can transform your operations and provide unmatched value for your investment.

6 Reasons to Choose Hyundai